Thursday, February 2, 2012

The "symbol" for what we are, each of us, for ourselves

The human individual can represented as the junction or conjunction of the me I know myself to be and the world to which I am attached (exactly where and how I am attached). The diagram for this singular totality appears above.

The "M" stands for me. The "W" stands for world. Each side is a reflection of the other. Our awareness of both ourselves and our world is constrained and thereby defined within the arms of the M or W respectively. Whatever else is going on around us or what we are up to, the illustrated structure of MW persits to make those other concerns possible.

MW (me + world as a singular event) is the substructure that opens the field of experience as whatever and however it shows itself. My ordinary life as well as all extraordinary and mundane experiences happen as the activity of the MW.

So what?

Forgetting, ignoring, or denying this fundamental fact falsifies the nature of experience. Failure to attribute all experience to the MW structure makes experience inauthentic, false, shallow, fake, insufficient, and difficult (if not impossible) to sustain.

Mistakes on this order are cultivated in the public sphere, and may, in fact, be responsible for the experience of the public sphere such as it is for each one of us.

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