Thursday, January 19, 2012

Painting and philosophy

A new painting is on display at the Art Cafe. Although called by various titles, it hangs by the name "What a TV Sees." The new show which does not yet have a name includes works by Dean Aldrich, Diane Janowski, Pepsi Lyon, and Allen C. Smith. Events will be announced to focus on the works and artists and involve the public. Stay tuned.

My painting came to life over a ten day span in January. The painting in a pre-completion state can be viewed here:

Painting entails making decisions rather than choices. A decision cuts off alternatives where a choice can be revisited and altered. The buffet table offers choices. If what you choose does not suit your taste, you can choose something else. During the choosing all alternatives are equally available and unaffected by other choices. Once one starts marking up a canvas, decisions replace choices. Making decisions in painting transmutes the value and availability of future options so that alternatives are often eliminated or radically altered.

The progressive history of decisions tells one story about "What a TV Sees." If the work works for you, it tells many other stories too.

Like they say in Manhattan, check it out!

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Steve said...

As I say, I checked it out already.