Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is easy motion?

Easy motion is life energy resonating. Not just any life energy, by the way, but the life energy you are. That's right, you. There are lots of reasons that most of us do not recognize ourselves as energy resonators. These reasons often keep us alienated, diminished, or both. Easy motion does not pertain to these states.

Easy motion can be demonstrated through creativity research. The Easy Motion Studio is a laboratory where phenomenology is practiced. But it always remains a studio where art work comes into manifestation (shows up through the artist's wiles).

I welcome all sincere players to explore with me the simultaneously dismal and delightful game we share about us. Our journey takes courage. We are here to encourage each other.

The old saw is partly right: life is what you make it. Life is also lots of stuff you didn't make. If and how these realms integrate makes a difference. There will be more. Soon.


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